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New Beach View Market

This is always a busy and interesting time for us here at the Beach View. To see the beach go from being relatively deserted to teaming with people from all over is always an unusual experience and we get excited about sharing what we’ve accomplished over the winter with our guests. It’s reminds us of hosting a party…you spends weeks (or months, in our case) preparing, you get more and more excited as it gets near and just keep hoping everyone likes it and has a good time. Our excitement couldn’t be greater at this point and now we’re thrilled to share it with you.

This year, spring and winter for us was consumed with the opening of our new convenience store, the Beach View Market. For months, we’ve been consumed with things like meeting with vendors, determining which products to carry, construction, ordering new equipment, inspections and much much more. People will immediately notice we’ve added access to the store from the front of the building and soon we will have a new awning and new signage. The inside and outside of the store has been completely renovated and we know beach visitors will enjoy being able to grab a sandwich, F’Real smoothie or milkshake, boogie board, coffee, italian ice, cooler or hot dog and head to the beach.

In addition to the store, we’ve completely renovated our suites (new kitchen, flooring, molding, etc.) and most of the kitchens in the hotel have been updated to offer more modern amenities.

We hope you will enjoy what we’ve created and very much look forward to your feedback!

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