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Where has summer gone?

Can it really be that summer is halfway over and school supplies are starting to pop-up in stores? With kids getting out of school so late this year it seems like summer just started and now we’re already talking about back-to-school.



It will be completely over before you know it, so be sure to make plans to enjoy the beach while the warm weather is still here. While you’re in Hampton, take in the Wednesday night fireworks, a free concert, play some arcade games, enjoy dinner on the boardwalk and by all means, don’t miss the Miss Hampton Beach Pageants coming up on July 27 and 28.



We hope to see you at the beach soon!

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What is it about a sunset?

We’ve been blessed with some gorgeous sunsets this week and even a beautiful rainbow at sunrise! We are proud to say that there is no better place to start or end the day then our rooftop deck (a Beach View hidden secret!) or front porch.

photo 2

Most people can’t help but love the beauty of a good sunset, but for many of us here it is so much more than just the aesthetic appeal. There is something about seeing the sun go down that makes all of us calm down and reflect on the events of the day whether it was playing in the water with the kids or walking the strip.

photo 3


The next time you’re in Hampton Beach, drop by the Inn at sunset and take in our amazing views—you won’t be disappointed!

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The New England Dragway…Just a Stone’s Throw Away

Over the summer we were thrilled to develop a partnership with the New England Dragway, which is just 15 minutes from our hotel in Epping, NH. If you visit, be sure to look out for our snazzy new banner or be on the lookout for our ad over the PA system.

NE Dragway view

It’s through this relationship that we’ve come to have a newfound appreciation for racing—everything from the hard work that goes into ensuring Dragway guests have a safe and fun time to getting their immense property in shape after a long winter.  Joe and his team do an amazing job with a smile, and our hats off to you! Every season, the Dragway plays host to a ton of events frequented by people from all over the Northeast.


One of the events this summer that we’re most excited about is the NHRA Championship Series debuting at the Dragway starting this Thursday, July 18 – 21. Check out this article in the Boston Globe to see what it’s all about and don’t miss it!

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How Historic is Hampton Beach?

When most people think of Hampton, they don’t necessarily think of a historic destination. Most don’t know that Hampton is rich in history. Not only does our own current day hotel date back to the early 1900’s, but Hampton Beach itself has been providing a home to vacationers since the mid 1800’s when the coming of the railroad to the area in 1840 changed everything. However, it wasn’t until the advent of the trolley in 1897 that Hampton become a place of leisurely resort. Today, 375 years later, on an average summer day, Hampton plays host to 100K people—we’ve come a long way baby!


This Saturday, July 13th at 9 am, the Hampton Beach Historical Society is hosting a trolley tour of historic Hampton Beach. Participate and learn more about our great area!

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Free Family Movies Under the Stars


Everyone these days is on a budget, especially families with multiple kids that need entertaining for two solid months. One of the most enjoyable and affordable summer activities is FREE movies at the new Seashell Stage, which start tonight at dusk and happen every Monday night through August 26th. There is no better way to take in a movie than under the stars surrounded by the sounds of the ocean. Whether you’re staying at the Beach View or just coming to the beach for day, don’t miss out on this free entertainment!

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Another 4th of July Weekend Draws to a Close

Sorry we’ve been so radio silent as of late, but to say that we’ve been busy with a crazy summer season is an understatement.

As another 4th of July weekend draws to a close, we’re reflecting on what a great time was had by all. We really couldn’t have wished for better weather. It was warm, sunny and, needless to say, the beach was packed with people. As always, we’re reminded what a special place Hampton Beach is when we see kids playing in the water, munching on ice cream cones and watching fireworks with wide eyes.


There truly is no better place to be on the 4th. We’re already looking forward to next year!

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Hampton Named New England’s Best Beach

There are many things we love about Hampton Beach, but one of the things we love most is all of the free and affordable activities for families that are to be had here in the summer—concerts, fireworks, the beach, the list goes on and on. There are so few places today where families can go and pay little to nothing to have fun and we’re proud that Hampton Beach is one of the few.

Needless to say, we were thrilled when Weather.com visitors recently voted Hampton Beach as New England’s best beach for families. Next time you’re here, look around and notice all of the families laughing, bonding and experiencing new things. It’ll make your Hampton Beach experience that much more meaningful.

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Seacoast’s Top 10 Indoor Activities

It’s rainy here at the beach today and no one is more disappointed than we are that we won’t have the 80 degree weather for Memorial Weekend like we did last year.

I’m reminded though that it’s not everyday that we get time off to experience the people and places that are special to us.  In life sometimes we need to create our own sunshine even when it doesn’t seem to exist.

Just being at the beach and seeing the waves at work ushers in feelings of relaxation that we all could use. Most people don’t know that there are actually tons of things to do in Hampton and on the Seacoast when it’s raining. Here are our top 10 picks!

  • The arcade and the Casino Shops have games for all ages that makes for great family fun. Or, if you want some adult time, head over to Ocean Gaming for vegas-style fun.
  • Drive 15 minutes North and you’ll be in the great state of Maine! Just over the border are the Kittery Outlets, a mecca of affordable indoor and outdoor shopping.
  • Get educated about marine life at the Seacoast Science Center in Rye.
  • See history in action at the Strawberry Banke living history museum in Portsmouth.
  • Kids going crazy? Head over to the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire in Dover, a short 25-minute drive from Hampton Beach.
  • Wine and dine with a view at many local restaurants, including newly renovated McGuirk’s, the Purple Urchin and Ron’s Landing. Or, buy some of our sweet local seafood and cook it up in one of our oceanfront rooms.
  • Learn to surf! You’re already wet so why not beat the crowds to the water and get a headstart on showing your moves?
  • Watch a movie! With movie theatres in Amesbury, Portsmouth, Newington and now, Epping, blockbuster movies are within reach.
  • Take in a show! Portsmouth is known for the arts and there is no better place to watch local talent than at the Seacoast Repertory Theatre and the Player’s Ring.
  • The Seacoast is steeped in rich history–view historic homes dating back to the 1600’s through Historic New England or learn about Hampton’s local history at the Historical Society.

We hope you will join us this Memorial Weekend to make memories and discover all that the Seacoast has to offer!

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Store Grand Opening a Success!

Despite the dismal weather yesterday, the Chamber, local business owners and many of our friends turned out for our grand opening of the Beach View Market. Thanks everyone for your support of our new venture!

Our entire spread was a big hit, but especially the F’real milkshakes. Everyone was blown away, not only by the whole process of being able to blend your own, but also the rich flavor and consistency. Be sure to check it out on your next trip to the beach!



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New Beach View Market

This is always a busy and interesting time for us here at the Beach View. To see the beach go from being relatively deserted to teaming with people from all over is always an unusual experience and we get excited about sharing what we’ve accomplished over the winter with our guests. It’s reminds us of hosting a party…you spends weeks (or months, in our case) preparing, you get more and more excited as it gets near and just keep hoping everyone likes it and has a good time. Our excitement couldn’t be greater at this point and now we’re thrilled to share it with you.

This year, spring and winter for us was consumed with the opening of our new convenience store, the Beach View Market. For months, we’ve been consumed with things like meeting with vendors, determining which products to carry, construction, ordering new equipment, inspections and much much more. People will immediately notice we’ve added access to the store from the front of the building and soon we will have a new awning and new signage. The inside and outside of the store has been completely renovated and we know beach visitors will enjoy being able to grab a sandwich, F’Real smoothie or milkshake, boogie board, coffee, italian ice, cooler or hot dog and head to the beach.

In addition to the store, we’ve completely renovated our suites (new kitchen, flooring, molding, etc.) and most of the kitchens in the hotel have been updated to offer more modern amenities.

We hope you will enjoy what we’ve created and very much look forward to your feedback!

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